Who is Fuut?

Fuut is a Belgian company that has specialized in webdesign and backend development. Fuut mostly works for non-profits and danse and theatre companies. Fuut is passionate about new technologies and has more than 20 years of experience in the sector. I closely and regularly collaborate with my friend Wies aka Fuut to develop practical WordPress interfaces and to ensure an efficient technical support.

How long?

How long does it take to develop and design a website?

The development period for a website typically lasts 8-10 weeks. I don't work on more than two projects at the time, therefore, you should count a dozen of week between the first contact and the delivered product. After online launch, our collaboration keeps going to keep the website up to date. Ask me the offer in details.


How do you calculate your prices?

For websites, my prices are fixed, a brochure available on demand explains everything in details. Being aware of the realities of non-profit organizations, I remain extremely flexible in terms of payment terms. For the layout of research reports, I charge per page.


Why your offer is not presented in German?

I kept a website in French and English not to get lost in translations but I can collaborate in German and Spanish, even if I am more comfortable in French or English.

Why don’t you want to do the illustrations for my project?

Even if I like to draw, I am not an illustrator. I don’t have the experience that allows me to deliver the best work in this field. Also, a nice drawing doesn't make a good illustration and I believe that the best results emerge of collaborations, that's why I invite artists that I admire to collaborate on the projects that I manage.