A practical interface, a sustainable website, an inclusive & accessible content

A practical interface & a sustainable website

I propose practical and sustainable websites (in addition to being beautiful :-) so that content management is a pleasure for the team that takes care of it and allows the association to better capture the attention of its audience. I collaborate with Fuut to develop interfaces (on a Wordpress basis) that are simplified and completely custom-made. I integrate a module so that multilingual websites can be managed in a super simple way and (almost) without constraint. I guarantee websites that evolve with new technologies and I take care of the maintenance beyond the online launch so that the website is never the concern of a team.

An inclusive, accessible & vulgarized content

I design communication strategies - a website with solutions for social networks and print media - and reveal the inner soul of research publications with an approach to typography that improves accessibility to people with disabilities (WCAG 2.0). I collaborate with committed illustrators to accompany each action with a bundle of inclusive images that challenge us as spectators. Depending on the complexity of a field of research, I propose a work of vulgarization to make a complexe message clear and understandable for all of us.

Publications meeting the same stakes

Although my focus is on websites, I also layout research reports published by non-profits. I offer my experience as a graphic designer in the editorial field, creating attractive infrographics and offering a professional proof-reading service (including bibliography). For this kind of projects, I collaborate systematically with illustrators.

A cooperative & transparent approach

I work collectively with Fuut to offer the best in interface customization and with illustrators who have made their art a tool for advocacies to bring each claim to light. I coordinate each project as a whole and make sure that everyone's voice is heard. I propose to talk about prices and payments in full transparency not to exclude associations that need flexible conditions (payment in installments at the rhythm of subsidies, etc.) and to guarantee enjoyable and fair working conditions for all of us.

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