I offer an approach that serves socially and culturally-oriented projects and more generally structures with a rebel spirit!

My website creation service in a nutshell

Practical and Sustainable System

Practical Management Interface

In collaboration with Fuut, I develop content management interfaces (often called CMS for “Content Management System”) based on WordPress that are easy to use, customized and automated as much as possible. The goal is to offer real autonomy to the team responsible for the website, by equipping them with a practical tool that allows them to invest their time, energy and financial resources wisely.

Fuut is a Belgian one-person company specialized in web design and development. His clients are mainly non-profit organizations and dance and theater companies. Wies Hermans, founder of Fuut, is passionate about new technologies and has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. His specialty is customizing WordPress interfaces designed to simplify the WordPress experience.


Sustainable Web development

The development of the website is done according to the industry standards in PHP, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, and plugins designed by third parties are avoided whenever possible or selected with care. In this way, the proper functioning of the website does not depend on external services and we can guarantee optimal sustainability and facilitate its evolution at the pace of new technologies.

A robust website evolves to reflect your organization as it evolves. After going online, the maintenance service comes into use. This is a complete service, including access to a brand new Client Area 🦹‍♀️ 🦹 🦹‍♂️ with explanations, videos, checklists and practical tools regarding web accessibility, SEO, Wordpress, etc. The maintenance service also includes post-launch adjustments, on-demand revisions, technical support and backups.

Inclusive and Accessible Design

Inclusive communication and media

I collaborate with illustrators to create challenging images that celebrate diversity, representation, validation and freedom. We also ensure that the texts are grammatically inclusive and incorporate the multiple dimensions of gender.

If needed, we install a translation module that allows you to easily translate certain pages without constraints. A website can be available in one or two languages and some more specific content can be translated into additional languages without losing overall consistency. The same module can be used to simplify content. For example, an educational message in a child-friendly version, or for people who do not master the language of the website (a common practice in German, called “Leichte Sprache”—easy language).

Compliance with web accessibility standards

Web accessibility allows people with impairments—visual, auditive or cognitive—permanent or temporary—to navigate the web easily. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) define a series of principles to be applied to ensure a website that is perceptible, usable and understandable for everyone.

I incorporate these principles (WCAG 2.1 AA selon W3C) into the core of my approach. Beyond the technical challenge, it's a mindset to adopt—and a team effort; not only does development and design have to meet certain standards, but so does the content management. To that end, I offer a compact and fun seminar that will make you aware of the basics and help you get rid of clumsy initiatives when adding or modifying content on your website.

As of spring 2021, I am training with A11Y Collective to be certified in the field of web accessibility. The story is just beginning.

→ Accessibility Statement

Collaboration Reflecting our Values

Horizontal Management

I take care of the project management, and you will have to give feedback, validate milestones and provide some content. We will talk about it at the appropriate time for optimal organization. The project is planned over a period of 8 to 10 weeks, in a rigorous and flexible way to ensure both the achievements of objectives and pleasant working conditions for all.

Feminist Spirit

I want to offer a service that reflects my aspirations. The world of technology and IT is still largely dominated by men. So,instead of the classic business relationship, I want us to be a team! I want to lead my collaborations according to feminist values, borrowed from empowerment where the ideas and skills of the whole team are listened to and taken into account.

Transparent Negotiation

For money matters, I value transparency, which will allow for the inclusion of associative projects in need of flexible conditions and to ensure a pleasant spirit of collaboration, affordable delivery and fair working conditions.


Want to team up? We can exchange by email, call each other on WhatsApp or meet on Zoom and discuss what we can achieve together!

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