I develop user-friendly, sustainable & accessible websites for socially-oriented or socially-minded projects.

User-friendly, sustainable, inclusive, accessible, horizontal and transparent: I develop my approach to serve socially-oriented projects (associations, community organizations, non-profit organizations, collectives, research institutes, etc.) and more generally structures with a rebellious mindset!

A website is a tool/showcase ; a frontend ; web pages that can be consulted on the Net by everyone (aka users). It's also a backstage ; a backend ; a content management system (CMS) for a team (aka the administrators).

User-friendly and Sustainable Structure

									Wies (fellow web developer) works on his computer hidden behing a big plant.

Customized content management interface

I develop, in collaboration with Fuut, content management interfaces based on WordPress that are user-friendly, customized and automated as much as possible. The goal in mind is to offer my clients true autonomy by allowing them to take charge of managing their content with the help of practical tools, for instance a content management interface that allows them to save resources in time and energy.

									I work on my laptop, with my cat Chewbacca at my side.

Clean Code according to industry standards

To evolve in harmony with new technologies, a website must be clearly coded to facilitate future development. The coding is done in PHP/HTML5/CSS/Javascript. The use of extensions designed by third parties is avoided as much as possible. By avoiding dependency on third parties, I can guarantee maximum sustainability to the website.

After the online launch, I offer an affordable annual maintenance contract to support the project over the long term. This contract includes, among other things, a complete technical support and a sustainability guarantee.

Inclusive and Accessible Design

						A user with large glasses and a hearing aid to illustrate the section about web accessibility.

Inclusive images and writing

I propose a simple graphic design that leaves room for images: I believe in the super powers of illustrators who create stimulating images that celebrate representation, validation and freedom. I help administrators to write texts that are grammatically inclusive, i.e., integrate the dimensions of gender.

Accessibility meeting the WCAG 2.0 standards

An accessible website allows a person with a disability (blindness, low vision, deafness, hearing loss, cognitive limitations, dyslexia) to navigate with more ease. As of 2020, less than 10% of the web meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) standards. To try to remedy this, I make my designs accessible by focusing on clear typefaces, strong contrast and correct fontsizes. We can work with an external service such as UserWay for additional accessibility and I assist the team in achieving the requirements set by the WCAG 2.0 when adding new content.

Version module (multilingualism and vulgarization)

I suggest integrating a translation module, developed by Fuut, which allows the team to translate the language of specific pages easily. A website can be in the national language(s), and if relevant, specific content can be made available in additional languages without the need for translating the entire website. The same module can be used to simplify language content. For instance, scientific research can be published both in its original form and as a simplified version more accessible to the general public.

Horizontal and Transparent Collaboration

Coordination and management

To move forward at the right pace, the project is organized in a rigorous but flexible manner. I take things in hand from A to Z and collaborate directly with everyone involved in the project. A workload is still expected from the client (feedback at key steps, feedback on proposals, copywriting) but I make sure that this time is quantifiable beforehand and that the progress of the project is regular.

Money Matters

I propose to talk about prices and payments in full transparency so as not to exclude associative projects that need flexible conditions (payment in installments at the rhythm of subsidies, etc.) and to guarantee sustainable collaboration, an affordable tool and fair working conditions.

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